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Safe Spaces for youth, hubs of activity for the entire community



The first Q Center located in the Ramat Lechi neighborhood of Bet Shemesh, with both an indoor and outdoor space that are comfortable and conducive to accomplishing the goals of the program. There is an active ceramics studio where products are made and sold, and a terrace with a garden. The space is capable of housing 25 youth and is also able to welcome community members and volunteers of all ages to help support the center and engage in workshops with the youth. The center is operated by Susan’s House and supported by the Welfare, which refers suitable candidates for participation.


The permanent center is expected to open in 2024 and will house the full range of programs and services including the Q café, Q studio, and Q community programs.

Creating a Social Enterprise

Bet Shemesh is Israel’s fastest-growing city, and a veritable microcosm of Israeli society. While new neighborhoods are being built, bringing a diversity of educated and high-performing populations to the city, there are still serious welfare problems which need to be addressed. Many families, youth and elderly need transformative emotional and financial assistance.

Life Skills

Flexible and portable skills:
  • Personal development
  • Personal budgeting
  • Empowerment and self esteem building

Social Skills

  • Nurture strong and healthy relationships
  • Mentorship
  • Interactions with the community

Business Skills

  • Product Development
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Revenue Development Flexible and Portable Skills
  • Customer Service
The Q café will engage and employ the youth and give them a place to connect and belong and it will cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit.

In collaboration with:
The Q Art and Ceramics studio will offer the opportunity to learn and create pottery and jewelry to sell to the public.

In collaboration with:
Building a connected community will offer countless possibilities and advantages for the entire population.
Further development of Q Centers throughout Israel, focusing primarily on communities in the social or geographic periphery

Partners &

Susan's House

The Municipality

Government and the Welfare department

Local Organizations

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